rawan kassir

The concept of this hotel calls for harmonising public and private life without compromising one over the other, but rather focuses on how they may complement one another through without isolation to create an experience that doesn’t hesitate to borrow from two opposing elements. Focusing on four contrasting parameters: Dark- Light, Private-Public, Horizontal-Vertical, Enclosure-Exposure. Adding a touch of these sensibilities, this project aims to set the user on a journey of exploration and discoveries where the route guides you towards an unpredicted destination.
The starting point of the project was the green wall derived from Dar El Nimer and transformed into an exhibition hall. The exhibition hall became then the central element of the boutique hotel. It exhibits artworks of different historical cultures. Two voids are placed from the two opposing sides of the hall that serves as a lightwell to the building and a visual connector that invites users to explore the upper floors. The main elements of vertical circulation are wrapped around the hall along a skylight from above. An alternation of light nuances is sensed along the users promenade inside the dark hall and outside of it. The hall unifies the opposite public and private functions and becomes the intersection point.

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