rawan kassir

Envisioned as an urban winery, this project that is located in the D Beirut building, will offer visitors an unforgivable winery experience in the heart of the city of Beirut, through an exciting parcours that begins with the historical wine museum in the basement, leading to the modern winemaking factory, the wine lab and wine tasting area, and finally to the vineyards on top of the building. This project also offers a culinary experience in its restaurant. A wine shop located at the vicinity of the entrance hall encourages the visitors to purchase the factory’s products.
This winery aims to be a place for culture, discovery and gathering. It is a facility open to those novices or experts who will approach a modernist experience of a winery. Locating this winery in an urban context will give the opportunity for Lebanese wine to be more renown and become more commercialized as it also brings the wine experience closer to people.

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