rebecca mansour

In a diversity of amenities, activities, and places that Karam l Zaytoun offers, the creation of unintended, and unplanned encounter spaces has emerged, being an out-turn and an outcome of specific treatments in this area. 
The street life, the architectural density of the area, and the natural quality have all influenced the quality and aspect of gathering and communicating, which in turn played an integral role in the architectural design and urban dynamic process of the unit, having the intention of engendering a space of inadvertent gatherings and meetings.
The attempt to generate the idea of encounter and communication within a unit of diverse activities and qualities was maintained in the scope of my system. The internal correlation in a unit has prolonged into external ones between 6 analogous units with an applicable organization for the cluster. This scheme is prone to inflate, creating auxiliary meeting points to eventually create a chain of encounter spaces, communicating areas, and assembly places.

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