reina al sayegh

Vernacular architecture had a very dominant feel and presence in Karm El Zeitoun. It misleads one’s expectations after looking into the very rigid grid-like map of the neighborhood. Through its withheld vernacular qualities, Karm El Zeitoun creates both visual and emotional connections within the community. These ties are emphasized through the close stacking of almost identical units that form a cluster of houses with established, though unclear, ways of connections. The design of the “System” of units interprets these characteristics while at the same time meets the needs of both the Millenial Tenant and the Elderly Landlord. Each individual unit is a combination of private and common spaces that are defined within separate volumes. These separate volumes when seen in a plan view give the sense of being defined and organized. However, they provoke the vernacular experience while being within or when seen from a distance just like Karm el Zeitoun is.

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