rim kallout

A Room for two
A room for two aims, through the manipulation of spaces, to create a living space for a couple who lost a child and moved to a new house in order to heal and recover. The function of the dwelling was to accommodate for their different healing processes and sleeping schedules, while still sharing everyday routines. To accommodate for this notion of “living apart together”, each room must have a different connection to the outside and inwards.
The system: Can we live together?
As for the system, the project focuses on ideas of synergy, communicative private realms and the lost boundary between public and private. The system is formed through the manipulation of different units housing a millennial and an elderly each, a promenade that alternates between public and private allowing a circulation between and inside the different units. The design allows for dynamic interactions between those “tiny neighborhoods of living and sharing”, creating possibilities for dialogue and various spatial experiences.

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