rim kallout

The city displays one face to the visitor approaching the city, and a different one to him who experiences the streets’ characters. What line separates the truth from the illusion? Why do boundaries exist and how is their presence felt?
Mar Mikhael gets its identity from the dynamic interplay of barriers and passages between its different atmospheres. Spontaneous emotional responses are triggered between the different languages in the city, and the wanderer is lost in the process.
As an expansion of the different moments experienced through the city, a coffee shop/roastery provides another promenade for the wanderer. With its physical, visual, blurred, virtual, seamless, well-defined and blurred boundaries, the structure is reminiscent of Mar Mikhael’s composition, as it redefines the limit between living units, the manufacturing process, and the visitor’s promenade.
Space is not inert, and with a focus on the materiality of the immaterial, a full spectrum of senses is triggered, creating different spaces of multisensory delights, allowing the wanderer to sense the boundaries creating those spaces.

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