sally el-taji

Starting with the analysis as a basic tool in the design process, based on Henri Ciriani’s notions, remove heavy material for light material, a continuity of the planes and lines in space which links matter and the void makes it possible to hold all space without enclosing. Translated in through closing the public spaces to open the private space, the function of the dwelling was a manufacture of organic medicines by cultivating natural plants.

Segregating walls:
Walking in Achrafieh, starting with the extensive bridge that separate, and noticed the streets were bordered by a wall of private open spaces creating a very obvious boundary disconnecting private and public life. The result was a unit that separates by a circulation thick wall. After analyzing architectural tectonics of the site along with Habitat67, by Safdie, a system of therapeutic art centers for children was created, with outdoor gathering areas that are either public for the users as a whole or private for each unit, and a main thick wall that leads you to various units via staircases.

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