samar yahfoufi

Taking the passageway or the alleyway of the building as an interior space, surrounded by either mass or void along the cut that penetrates this manmade monster from one end to the other. Space is viewed as the immaterial essence, highlighting scale and void which has a quality other than emptiness. We tend to measure a space in term of the degree and quality of our potential for movement. At the entrance of the building, the void invites you in wrapping in the huge scale of the city into the hanging arms of the building. Once in the passageway, the mass and void are in equilibrium, constituting a huge entity when compared to human scale losing human scene. The passageway cutting through the void frames the body, constituting a walk in space. In the center, the framing of the unroofed space creates a pit effect, with the void directing the sight and looking towards the open sky. When we reach the end of the passageway, the tunnel gives a kind of directionality leading to the light created by the little void at the end of the tunnel.

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