sarah bachir

The concept behind this project is creating an attractive environmental space for the fire fighters themselves. Fire fighters are constantly living under pressure for their job: they can be on duty 24/7, because emergencies can suddenly pop up. For this, the concept was to create a space were fire fighters could enjoy their time while still having a strong access system in case of emergencies. The interior has horizontal walls that are used as a way of circulation, and mostly creating a division of public/private spaces. Inspired from a precedent located in rua do Castro in Portugal, a house that was built by Eduardo Souto de Moura, that also has this idea of public/ private spaces in terms of openings. In the site, firefighters have access to an outdoor public garden where they can enjoy their free time far from the stress of their job. Furthermore, they have spaces for their own benefits such as gyms, rooftop garden, and outdoor terraces, all means to be entertained.

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