sari haidar

The termite colony: Regenerating Badaro – an underground project aimed to revitalize the area of Badaro, Beirut. An exploration of a new way of residing and living in a community that can no longer rely on the government’s resources. Through a time of economic failure, the termite colony returns the energy and resource need back to the people. Contrary to conventional construction, the more you dig underground, the more you benefit from earth’s energy. Through digging, growing, and manufacturing mycelium, this project provides a base revolutionary material that all industries can benefit from. A concept that can be implemented all over the city by digging into the remaining plots of buildings. Inspired by the relationship termites have between their private and public life, along with biomimicry implementation, the termite colony is a land that is consuming less than it is producing, coexisting with one another, terminating the war that capitalism imposes.  

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