Tamara Nasr

The claustrophobic must break out of all boxes where air runs short and walls close in. His interior allows the gaze to roam out to where space knows no frames nor boundaries.
The agoraphobic is dizzied by all that is too open. Withdrawn from the grip of reality, she endlessly navigates the enclosed shell cupping the safe expanse of her inner world.
Both outcasts afloat above the city; observers of the crowd to which they do not belong.
Both fascinated by what they fear the most.
Their cube is more than a protective embryo, hovering over the urban tides. Their cube is a periscope to the city, and a play of lenses between two spaces kept separate, yet visually enmeshed. In a game of comfort and control, the project stages a staggered ascent towards the lookout where claustrophobic and agoraphobic may meet.

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