tia tohme

The project investigates the theme of circularity and industrial waterfronts; taking Bourj Hammoud waterfront as a context. Circularity doesn’t only mean one of resources but also one of identity. In an interim future, Bourj Hammoud waterfront adopts a new hybrid identity that moves from a heavy industrial waterfront to one that combines leisure and light production.   In such context, the project explores new relationships between city, industry and waterfront by breeding new ecologies of leisure and production. The project uses the site’s existing structure as a base for a recycled garments’ production center; with strong ties to Bourj Hammoud’s garment manufacturing workforce. The productive program hovers over the existing structure, linking the resource (recycled clothes drop-off), the production process, and staff spaces with a communal spine. A new public landscape at the ground level infiltrates the production center above in specific public typologies: viewing steps, exhibitions, flea markets… The circularity of textile and existing structure along with the public programs create a new state of co-existence between public realm, leisure and production, in sync with the local identity of Bourj Hammoud.

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