Beirut The Palimpsest

vanessa abou harb

On the 4th of August, the collective memory appeared, at particular division lines where non-places and relative places intersect. At the heart of Karantina, different images of the city appeared through permanence and typologies. At its borders, traces of a long-lost dialogue are generated. Between Karantina, Mar Mkhael and the port, a new tissue of violence and destruction appeared. Through artificial excavations, the project awakens similar events, typologies and images that used to connect the two cities, the port, the bus station, and the road with each other. Building upon the similar functions, users, and “buffer zone” qualities found in the 5 areas, it provides a visitors’ center, a passengers’ hostel, a workers’ house, a firefighter headquarter, a maritime research center, a bus stop, and a maritime recreational facility, acting as a community hub. Hence, how can we heal but remember?

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