yara ayoub

During the Abbasid civilization in the 9th century A.D, Jumeirah was set up as a major trading and caravanserai spot along the coastal shoreline, serving as a small hotel for traders coming from the commercial route to Mesopotamia to rest there. Because of them, Dubai had grown from a fishing village to a trading port, leading to the discovery of oil and the evolution of becoming a business and touristic hub. The aim of the project is to revive the importance of Jumeirah being a trade and caravanserai spot related to water movement, while still responding to the ongoing needs of Dubai. To do so, the sea is brought back towards the site by reclaiming the water and studying the in between spaces to come up with an urban dimension. The master plan is scattered between the sea and site to recreate the experience of sea trading and to have an economic diversity of hotel pavilions responding to the needs of the community.

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