Seclusion within Karanina

yar raouf

 Karantina is in a state of seclusion. The urban fabric is being politically and physically exploited leaving the community in a state of isolation. The project aims to reconnect the internal road of Karantina through a spine. Consolidating the spine, the projects program aims to extend out to the community. Together with the infrastructure and the dead urban voids this spine activates the area again with social activities and living unit to give Karantina back to the community and the city. On the main site of intervention, the buildings imitate the urban network connecting all roads through the public grounds that act as voids of connection. The ground levels of each building are for collective while the upper floors include the living units of different typologies for different users: single, couple, students, family. These units are flexible according to the user’s need, it can allow different modes of spaces. The upper floors also include courtyards and terraces that communicates with the other buildings and public grounds.

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