yasmeen ghaddar

The project tackles the old fabric of Mar Mikhael and Hekmeh Neighborhood along with the old urban stairs that connect them. After a study on heritage collectives, 5 interventions were made on heritage sites in the area. The idea was to work on existing heritage buildings, either abandoned or damaged, to preserve them but at the same time respect their legacy. Some of the interventions included reclaiming these buildings as spaces for the public use (Library, Exhibitions, Studios, …). Also, by intervening around these buildings, the importance of heritage was highlighted. Another intervention was made on a major abandoned garden in the area by making it more publicly accessible and inviting through a series of pedestrian paths, urban furniture, and staircases. Focus is also done on two abandoned heritage houses located on a hill and surrounded by parking lots. In addition to turning them into a permanent heritage museum and an auction house, a further building was added to act as a temporary museum with an access to an underground theater. This museum reinterprets a courtyard house closed by blank walls giving a sense of discovery to the visitors. All these interventions were made following the main objectives of heritage collectives: Awareness and Preservation from the constant threats our Lebanese heritage is facing.

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