yasmine koleilat

The precedent called the Love House by Takeshi Hosaka Architects is located in the busy streets of Japan which is why the owners wanted to be isolated and thus the idea of viewing being internal. This was facilitated through the main element which is the stairs where people from the first floor are able to see people from the ground one and vice versa. The idea of reflection and light penetrating through the house is an important feature as well. Transforming all the ideas learned from the precedent onto the folly all carry the idea of viewing one another through different levels as well as the idea of light and reflection. This is evident through, the stairs, the balustrades as well as perforated metal sheets.
This folly located on the Beirut water promenade also creates specific views such as a view for the mountain, the sea, the city as well viewing one another. The different types of viewpoints created in this folly is important, as it breaks the rigid movement of the site, the corniche, and becomes more of a dynamic one between different people, thus the name: The Gathering.

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