zayna youssef

When experiencing the site, the most prominent element is the boundaries present due to the morphology of the region. These boundaries vary in shape, size, form, intensity, and dimensionality, yet they are prominent. This project extracted this notion of boundaries by creating a system that is composed of 3 layers acting independently – 3 elements, and united by the 4th element. The 3 initial layers follow the rules of the plot; their shapes and sizes are extracted from its existing form. The 4th element however follows no such regulation. They are distinctive circulations that explicitly cut through the project uniting it as one entity. It is a free element, standing out and unique. The 3 elements programmatically translate to being housing, educational gardens, and production workshops. The project envisions a futuristic scenario where new living systems are introduced. When these 4 elements unite a synergy is formed as the project becomes an interactive experience.

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