A Forgotten Economic Epicenter

chafic mekkawi

Established as a transit point for minerals, Cadiz was consolidated by the 7th century BC as an economic center due to an increased maritime commerce, demonstrating the success of the Phoenicians in the west.
The project focuses on the major Phoenician actor in Cadíz currently buried underwater in order to re-spark the economic wealth once established by the Phoenicians. given the area on land is meant to be the conceptual root of the project, it introduces the viewer into the forgotten Phoenician heritage, leading them to each Phoenician intervention on the bridge.
The structure on land acts as a chamber of commerce and business incubator to meet with a goal to revive the economy of Cadiz. the massing of this area is designed to reflect the scatterings of the interventions in an inviting manner and maintain the visual connection to the heritage site.

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