Anthony Chammoun   Cynthia Yehia   Dana Mohsen

In the heart of the cultural center of Beirut came an economic-social revival project that relieves the area of some of its urban problematics and allows the people of Beirut can get acquainted with all types of local art and history making use of resources and public spaces that are ignored in this city.
After mapping vacant structures all over Beirut, one particular area was highlighted: Zokak El Blat, with three vacant structures used for an urban cultural intervention: Burj El Murr, Qasr Hneineh and Toufic Hibri House. Standing above the city of Beirut, facing the green line of the civil war, the vacant structures hold valuable historical context. By connecting these vacant monuments, a cultural hub is created conveying social, cultural and communal spaces with versatile functions, conserving past heritage and creating future opportunities for the people of Beirut.

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