lynn fakhoury

Al Bashoura is a very exceptional building which is very interactive with its entourage. In order to emphasize on the importance of this exterior interactivity with the boundaries, I decided to translate this interactivity to the interior of the Bashoura building. My concept is about the maximization of common spaces in order to have a connection, communication and a link with all floors and all people present in this building. Since this building contains a void in its center, i have decided to create patches of terraces on each floor. Those terraces are called the “Meeting Points”. A vertical connection is built since the terraces are linked vertically.
Other than the void in the center, I also added two voids to the edge of the building overlooking to the interior garden of the ground floor.
I made sure that all the terraces present are connected in a way that people are able to see each other and connect while being on any floor.
Also, the interior/exterior connection is very distinguished in this project. The presence of glass walls and the
“Mousharabiyeh” creates a play of lights and shadow, so this is an interactivity with nature and the exterior

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