celine lahoud

Is there an interpretation of a photograph? Or is there a single moment that is captured in photograph, or many? Japanese photographer Masao Yamamoto says that the answer lies in the idea of photography as haiku. Each small image is an exquisite capture of a moment, each moment is a part of life’s endless flow. Accordingly, the spaces designed to exhibit the contemporary photographer’s work focused on the idea of elusive memory through the individuation of experience, the notion of the capture of the essence of a moment through an essentialist capture of the exhibited art, that has its meaning altered poetically through the entrance of light through vertical walls and voids. 
As a consequence, each user develops an elusive relationship to the exhibited flow of photographs and create their own narrative through their choice of parcours, having their spatial sequence and the passage of time dictated by the void between the photographs and their presence on the vertical walls of light.

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